Shock7 - Rude manager refuses to accept return, even with receipts.

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After receiving a wallet as a gift, we attempted to return it the next day for an instore credit.our son received two wallets, and the Shock7 wallet, while it looked nice, was made for US currency, meaning that canadian money hangs out the side (definitely could use a little more thinking when selecting inventory at this store).

As it was a gift, we did not have the accompanying receipt. Even though it was purchased only a few days prior, they refused to take the wallet back, even for a store credit. They rudely informed us that it could have come from anywhere (even though it was clearly form their store) and we needed a receipt. The manager was so rude, that rather than just leave it, we actually called the person who gave us the gift, and returned to the store with the receipt.

We were then told that they wouldn't take it back because the price tag was no longer on the wallet. The gift receipt clearly states that they will take the merchandise back for an in store credit.

beyond the incident, this is the rudest I have ever been treated at a store in Saskatoon.

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